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Retail Mavens, LLC

Maven means "one who understands." But to be a maven you have to more than just understand a topic, you have to know its ins and outs as we do.  Retail Mavens, LLC drives your sales by making your brand come to life!

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Who We Are

Let Your Improved Sales Decide...

Retail Mavens, LLC is a digital retail eCommerce company specializing in the Amazon marketplace.  Fifty-five percent of online shoppers start their searches on Amazon.  We execute strategies on your behalf to increase views to your traffic that will convert lookers into buyers. We DO NOT CHARGE you thousands to market, optimize and promote your brand and listings.  We DO purchase your products wholesale and resell them on Amazon and other marketplaces that fit our model.  This process ensures that we are aligned 100% with your interests because when we make money, so do you!

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How We Work

We Buy it, We Keep It:  Once Retail Mavens, LLC purchases your product wholesale, it becomes our responsibility.  We pay for it upfront, thereby taking the risk out of a sale that might typically come with buy-backs or returns.

We are Retail Strategists: Dependable forecasting is our forté.  We keep your product in stock, but not overstocked, making for seamless transactions with our partners and our customers.

We Specialize, Not Generalize: Our intensive brand and product research means that you get the right focus for your industry and the maximum benefit for selling your products online.

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Services We Offer

Order Fulfillment

Content & Product Optimization

Delivery Men

Let Us Handle Everything

More than Meets the Eye

At first glance, filling orders seems so obvious and easy.  However, with the wrong partner, sloppy fulfillment practices across multiple channels can become detrimental to your brand leaving customers unhappy and sales declining. Retail Mavens manages the whole process - increasing your percentage of orders meeting delivery performance metrics, with a complete, accurate and frustration-free experience for the customer.

If you are not on page one, you are at a major disadvantage to your competition! We employ a complex set of strategies designed to acquire new customers across multiple channels. We create keyword dense content to increase your search rankings and then share the results of our research and campaigns.

Seller Intelligence & MAP Monitoring

Identify Emerging Channels


Brand Protection Services

Maximum Exposure

We do not like MAP breakers and unauthorized sellers any more than you do.  They devalue your product and brand by getting your product listings suspended or by going out of stock too often. Unprofessional sellers may violate marketplace terms of service by posting items incorrectly. But Retail Mavens identifies, researches and reports violators to help protect your brand and keep your sales going strong.

We specialize in a wide range of programs and channels both on and off Amazon designed to grab more market share. Programs may include emerging territories or enrollment into unique selling programs.  The ability to source and sell consistently ensures our brand owners can anticipate our order flow and leverage our channels effectively to source raw materials and meet demand.

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Competitor Analysis


A Road Map to Success

Want to know what your competitors are doing that you are not?  We will help position you ahead of trends and stand out from the crowd.  We will increase your sales by capturing their audience through enhanced brand content, marketing campaigns, and old fashioned observation.

Customer Service/Communication


Easy Customer Experience

You don't need a massive sales team.  You need a dedicated partner who can serve the interests of your brand and someone your customers can talk to!  We encourage customer feedback,  offer satisfaction surveys and delight your customers by offering loyalty programs, product discounts, and custom recommendations to encourage new sales and repeat buyers

Influence Marketing


Establishing Social Proof

Over 70% of Americans say they look at product reviews before making a purchase at a brick and mortar store. 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. Retail Mavens promotes the overall wellness of your brand by establishing social proof and making your brand trusted in the marketplace. We employ the latest tools to track market data about your customers, their habits and how they are responding to your brand story. In a nutshell, we work to improve your brand reputation to improve sales across all channels.

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You don't become a Maven overnight. That kind of expertise comes with an accumulation of knowledge over the years.

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Lisa van Heerden

CEO and President

Connect With Us

Get in touch to learn more about how we can drive your brand forward. As your Amazon Expert, we advise you to contact us immediately so we can get to work growing your business. Shoot us an email or call!


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